Rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy
Angie Han — /Film

As Big Two superheroes go, the Guardians of the Galaxy are a pretty obscure bunch. So much so, even the trailers for the movie poke fun at that fact. Still, you’d think they’d be pretty well known now, what with a $100+ million budget and the power of the Marvel Studios marketing machine to back them up.

And yet, that didn’t stop a few cinemas from getting these Guardians mixed up with a different ragtag group of world-saving Guardians. According to reports, some theatergoers bought tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy last night… only to be treated to a screening of Rise of the Guardians instead.


Regal recently held a kid-friendly matinee screening of Rise of the Guardians, which explains why the theater had a two-year-old movie so readily available to begin with. Then, they theorize, someone labeled the Rise of the Guardians digital file as “Guardians,” and someone else misinterpreted that to mean Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hilarious from our current vantage point. Probably not so hilarious to the theater patrons. Fun stuff, though.