Whoa! Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass Returning for New Bourne Film!

Whoa! Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass Returning for New Bourne Film!
Germain Lussier — Film

Shocking news in the world of Bourne: reports say Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are making deals to return for their third Jason Bourne film together. (This new one would be the fifth overall film in the series.) The film would take the Summer 2016 release date that was already in place for The Bourne Legacy sequel, which was set to be directed by Justin Lin and star Jeremy Renner. Read more about the Matt Damon Bourne 5 news below.

The Bourne 5 news broke several months back on Latino Review, but producer Frank Marshall denied it. Now Deadline’s story seems to confirm, even though reps for Damon and Greengrass wouldn’t comment. There’s also no word on who penned the script.

As for the Renner/Lin spinoff film, the article states that film is still in development but will be released after the new Damon film. The hope at Universal is to expand this franchise into a larger beast, eventually crossing over the characters and story lines. (As was rumored before.)

While I have never seen a pig fly, both Greengrass and Damon had led us all to believe that some bacon taking wing would be far more likely than a new Bourne film from them. I’m glad they were wrong and I hope they can capture more lightening in the bottle.

As for the Jeremy Renner Bourne garbage film and series, I hope they pretend like that never happened and drop any of those future plans right now.

I’m excited!