‘Underworld’ Reboot on the Way

‘Underworld’ Reboot on the Way
Cain Rodriguez — The Playlist

Each successive Spider-Man movie has earned less at the box office than the previous entry, calling into question the theory that audiences want more of the same. Despite this, THR reports that Lakeshore Entertainment has decided to go down a similar path and reboot the “Underworld” series.

The vampires-vs-werewolves franchise is perhaps now best remembered for giving Kate Beckinsale fangs and machine guns, thereby turning her into an action star. Of course, film fans will always remember the series for spawning director Len Wiseman and unleashing him upon the world. To date, “Underworld” has spawned four films, with the last one, “Underworld: Awakening,” a 3D effort that ended up as “the top earner in the franchise.”

Doggone it, I’m going to have to make time to watch this franchise. I’ve been meaning to and it’s on my list. But my wife and I have had far more important things to watch…

Anywho, in general I’m tired of reboots. Not having watched the originals I’m not yet sure whether a reboot is warranted. The Spider-Man comparison seems apt since these films are really recent, as were the original Spider-Man films when Sony went for that reboot. I’m fairly certain that this would be far better off left alone for a while, or possibly for stories to continue down the same track and advance things in the world. I get tired of the resets.