William Shatner All But Confirmed for next ‘Star Trek’ Film

William Shatner All But Confirmed for next ‘Star Trek’ Film

Anthony Pascale over at TrekMovie.com (this is the part where I pat myself on the back and call Anthony a friend of the site and say he’s been on The MovieByte Podcast more than once, because, you know, REASONS!) has been reporting on some news and basically what amounts to confirmation from William Shatner himself that at least at this early stage it looks like Shatner will be in the film presumably playing Captain Kirk in some form or fashion.


Today at his panel at Nashville Wizard World Comic Con, William Shatner talked about the recent rumor about a role for him in the 2016 Star Trek movie. It started when he was asked a question which wasn’t actually directly related to the rumor, but only if he had any interest in reprising the role of Kirk.

Click through to read the full excerpt of Shatner’s comments. I also have the video here:

What it amounts to is that Shatner is stupid excited about this and he can’t keep his big mouth shut. In an article on TrekMovie.com yesterday, Anthony reported that Shatner has been contacted by the Bad Robot team and asked to keep his big fat flapping mouth shut.

Today William Shatner was interview by the UK’s Daily Mail to promote this weekend’s appearance at Destination Star Trek in London and of course the issue of his possibly having a role in the upcoming Star Trek movie came up. However after confirming the rumors this weekend, it appears Shatner is now being told (for a second time) to keep quiet. Here is what he said:

“Here’s my dilemma, I was cautioned not to speak about this and the next day it was out all over Twitter. ‘So I talked about it and then I get another phone call telling me to keep quiet again! All I can say is that I’m very excited about the film.”

I would be happy to see Shatner reprise the role if it makes sense. I can’t see it right now at this moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make sense. I did not think Captain Kirk’s death — and therefore his last official appearance in the cannon of Star Trek was as bad as many fans think it was, but he could have gone out better. So it would be nice to see him on the screen again anyway.

What I hope doesn’t happen is that some egotistical people don’t get all huffy and put out that Shatner was so excited he’s been blabbing and write him out of the film. But we’ll see.