Dean Devlin Says ‘Stargate’ Reboot Movie Before Third ‘Independence Day’

Dean Devlin Says ‘Stargate’ Reboot Movie Before Third ‘Independence Day’
Darren — Gateworld

Writer-producer Dean Devlin tells Nerd Report that he and director Roland Emmerich are currently working on just one of theIndependence Day sequels — and waiting on the third installment for now.

That means that when Stargate rolls around on Emmerich’s directing schedule, it may only have to wait for one Independence Day movie and not two.

“Unfortunately, we have to wait until we finish Independence Day for that,” Devlin said of the Stargate reboot. “Roland wants to direct that one too. Hopefully we go into that right afterwards.”

“He’d like to direct the first one. I don’t know if he wants to do all three but he definitely would like to do the first one.”

I just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone what a terrible mistake this is. Stargate‘s existing fanbase — including myself — is based upon the the two TV series, Stargate: SG1, and Stargate: Atlantis. The film, in my estimation, and I think in most fans estimation, was not so great. It was “okay”, but it’s not the film Emmerich and Devlin think it is. And I think they still don’t give any credence to the great work that came after the film in this franchise. They discount it entirely, which is frustrating. That original film that Devlin and Emmerich did is easily the weakest link in the Stargate chain and I am just having a terribly hard time getting at all interested in what they are up to.