‘Spider-Man’ Still Has Possibility of Coming Back to Marvel

‘Spider-Man’ Still Has Possibility of Coming Back to Marvel
Kevin Jagernauth — The Playlist

Let’s face it: when it comes to the cinematic future of Spider-Man, nobody knows what’s going on. And that’s because even Sony isn’t sure what the next move could be following the fan loathed and underperforming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Just this past week the Sony leaks revealed that the studio briefly discussed trying to work about a deal with Marvel to include the character in “Captain America: The Civil War.” It didn’t pan out, but it appears the talks between the two aren’t over.

Latino Review reports Sony’s parent company still wants to explore the option of working with Marvel. It’s a bit hazy at the moment, with meetings at the studio about the future of Spider-Man to take place next month. Basically, some kind of 60/40 split arrangement, with Sony retaining creative control, is still a desired outcome, but a lot of factors are at play.

Sony retaining creative control would be both a disaster, and something Marvel Studios would NEVER (ever, ever, ever) let happen. I would be happy for Sony and Marvel to work something out where Marvel would have creative control and bring us new (completely rebooted and unrelated to the previous) films and integrate Spider-Man into the MCU. I’m not holding my breath, but I think I would be okay with that. I was opposed to the Marc Web Spider-Man reboot because it felt pointless and driven by the idea of profits. Rebooting as part of the MCU would feel purposeful and sounds pretty great, actually.

Kevin does go on to report that it would indeed be a complete reboot. He mentions that it means saying goodbye to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, but I just want to point out that we already said goodbye to Emma anyway — the ONLY good thing that movie series had going for it.

I’m not holding my breath for any of this, but it does sound nice.