Fizz’s Top Ten Films of 2014

Fizz’s Top Ten Films of 2014
Mikey Fissel — Reel World Theology

2014 was a pretty solid year for film. Until I sat down to write up this list, I thought 2014 may have been a down year in film, but I have been reminded that it’s been a long year with a lot of solid and engaging films– well worth viewing AND discussing.

I thought I would remind you all that my top films of 2014 is in dispute and my opinion does not (unfortunately) reign supreme. I disagree with a couple of these, but there’s a lot more cross over than I might have thought.

Obviously, I also have to quote his bit about my official favorite film from 2014:

A really great spy/thriller film that will likely never get the credit it deserves because of the superhero overlay. While Hulk gets the actions bits, Thor gets the over-the-top bits, and Iron Man is the brains and comic relief, Captain America (Chris Evans) has still become the best of the bunch– and a personal favorite. It is incredibly hard in today’s anti-hero climate to write a truly good and truly believable hero, but Cap is the real deal and The Winter Soldier proved that even in uncharacteristically dark-for-MARVEL circumstances, it’s still possible to do what is right.

I too find it frustrating that genre and association matter when ranking a film. This film will certainly not get what it deserves because it’s a Comic Book film, and that’s unfortunate. Because Marvel made it, it’s not eligible for anything more than a popcorn flick. And yet the themes in this film resonate, the message is worthy, the story is engaging.