RUMOR: Spider-Man to Appear in ‘Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1’

RUMOR: Spider-Man to Appear in ‘Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1’
Kevin Jagernauth — The Playlist

WARNING! Major potential spoilers ahead.

Latino Review is reporting that an agreement has been reached and Spider-Man, instead of appearing in ‘Civil War,’ will now swing into “Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.” This is where the spoilers come into play. First, ‘Civil War’ will conclude with Steve Rogers being killed by Crossbones. “Thor: Ragnarok” will find our titular hero imprisoned, and Iron Man’s future post-‘Civil War’ is in question, so essentially this leaves a lot of room for Spider-Man to join the Avengers. This scenario posits a new ‘Avengers’ lineup after this year’s film, with Spider-Man in the mix in some capacity. But there’s a few things to think about.

The big hurdle, according to rumors and leaked emails, was how much creative control Sony original wanted over the Spidey character. Obviously Marvel is not in a position to need to give creative control to anyone. They’d just rather not have Spider-Man in their films. Sony, on the other hand, has massively botched the Spider-Man franchise in two films (most people argue in the latest film, I argue the reboot of the franchise with Andrew Garfield was a complete disaster from the start). So if there’s any truth to this, I hope that Marvel starts completely over with no relationship to the current Spider-Man or franchise.

Also, the death of Captain America would be devastating to me. I kind of hope that’s not true. At the same time, it might give us a bit of what we’ve been looking for in terms of raising the stakes — giving us a real sense of drama where no one is safe. We’ll have to see what happens.