Episode 22: Hindsight 2012

Hindsight 2012

TJ and Joseph welcome special guest this week, Melinda Snodgrass, a successful screenwriter, and particularly as pertains to this episode, wrote one of the best ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ episodes in Season 2, ‘The Measure of a Man’. She tells us a lot about the writing process on ‘Star Trek’ and what that was like, and talks particularly about that episode, her love for the character Data, her thoughts on how to better use the cast and crew of the Enterprise, the great character moments in the episode, ‘The Next Generation in HD’ and the extended cut of ‘The Measure of a Man’. It was great fun to talk to her. Then TJ and Joseph briefly review two films they didn’t care much for, ‘Killing them Softly’, and ‘Playing for Keeps’. And finally, they welcome special guest, Michael Minkoff as they talk about gearing up for relaunching the Movieology brand as a podcast on MovieByte, some discussion on the favorite films of 2012 and more.

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