21 Cool Things from Legos

21 Cool Things from Legos

And by “coolest,” I mean “nerdiest.”

Yeah, and I love it! I mean, seriously, a LEGO serenity set? Han Solo in Carbonite? A complete LEGO bedroom set? THE BAT CAVE? Rivendale? LEGO NES? LEGO Eye of Sauron?!? Ohh, and my absolute favorite, LEGO PORTAL?!?!?!


I can’t post them all here, I might get in trouble. But feast your eyes upon this:

Go look at these, most of them are worth it and will make you want revisit your childhood and play with LEGO toys again.

I must leave you with just one more, an animated GIF, but soooo worth it. Have you ever dreamed of seeing this happen to JarJar? I have!