Buy Advance Screening Tickets for ‘Star Trek’

Buy Advance Screening Tickets for ‘Star Trek’

You can be one of the first to see Star Trek Into Darkness by attending a “Fan Sneak” showing on the evening of Wednesday May 15th. You can buy tickets now exclusively via Fandango. The early screenings were announced by Paramount via the new mobile app which added a new Fandango button. If you click that button you are lead to a list of local screenings.

I could not get it to work through Fandango’s website, but going through the Star Trek Into Darkness app worked for me. So I’m in, and I even have a fairly decent seat (IMAX being reserved seating and all). Awesome!

Here’s a link to the app for iPhone and Android so you can get your advanced screening tickets:

Star Trek Into Darkness iPhone App

Star Trek Into Darkness Android App