Connecticut Congressman Challenges ‘Lincoln’ Inaccuracies

Connecticut Congressman Challenges ‘Lincoln’ Inaccuracies
Entertainment Weekly

Joe Courtney, Democratic member of the House from Connecticut, was alarmed to find a historical inaccuracy that depicted his home state in a negative light while watching Oscar-nominated film Lincoln.

In the movie, two congressmen from Connecticut voted against the 13th amendment, which would abolish slavery. Courtney was surprised by the vote, and decided to check the facts.

He started with a simple Internet search, according to the AP, which lead to a request for the Congressional Research Service to look into the issue. In fact, all four Connecticut congressmen voted for the amendment to end slavery in 1865.

Right. Did we really think there weren’t any embellishments or inaccuracies in the film? Personally, I think the embellishments and inaccuracies are much deeper than this, but I’m not actually a historian so I’ll keep quiet.