Fan Theories on Back to the Future

Fan Theories on Back to the Future

I was browsing Reddit the other day when I happened upon a fascinating AskReddit thread, which posed the question: “How do Marty McFly’s parents not realize that they gave birth to their friend from the 50′s who mysteriously disappeared?” It’s a question that’s always vexed me as well. I mean, Calvin Klein made such a dramatic impact on the McFly’s lives, you’d think they’d have recognized their second son, Marty, was growing up to be this dude, no?

The one I always went with was the first one posited in this article:

A person’s looks can be distorted by memories, so even though he’s the same person, they may not remember him looking like that. Also Marty didnt always look like that. He was born looking very different and grew up to look the way he does. So when he turned 18 or whatever his parents wouldnt just be like “holy ****, it’s Calvin!” In reality, they’d probably just think of it as a weird co-winky-dink.

But the next theory is much more involved. A lot of these nerds have way too much time on their hands. Still, it’s fun to read and think about. And the timing is strangely appropriate with our upcoming podcast this wednesday night where we will talk about the Back to the Future trilogy. Don’t forget to tune in live then!