‘House of Cards’ as ‘Shakespeare’

‘House of Cards’ as ‘Shakespeare’
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Warning! Spoilers for House of Cards.

Say what you will about Netflix’s new model for serving up an entire season in one fell swoop, it works for me. I watched the series over the weekend and sticking with it for the duration helped me discover its Shakespearian side. The only question is: which Shakespeare?

At first it’s Macbeth with Frank “Thane of Cawdor” Underwood conducting nefarious acts of treason. In this version, there are no ugly sisters bearing the news of the thane’s forthcoming triumph. In fact his hopes are dashed in the very first scene. Nevertheless the shadow operation starts up immediately. Somethings’s afoot and once Lady Macbeth enters stage right, the die is cast. The two of them make a chilling Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth.

I’m not much into Shakespeare, but my wife sure is and she had this observation about the show. Sure enough, a little snooping around on the internet turned up this.

I definitely think that we are headed for a complete downfall of Francis Underwood. He’s certainly a completely twisted and evil man, willing to commit all sorts of heinous acts, including murder, to get what he wants.