Apple TV Software Update

Apple TV Software Update
Juli Clover - MacRumors

Alongside today’s update to iOS 6.1.3, Apple also updated the Apple TV to version 5.2.1. The 5.2.1 software contains a number of bug fixes and has also brought a redesigned Hulu app to the device. 

The security fixes, which can all be credited to the evad3rs, prevent users from executing unsigned code, determining the address of structures in the kernel, and executing arbitrary code in the kernel. 

As for Hulu, the app has been entirely redesigned with improved discovery tools and some simple UI enhancements.

I downloaded the update and used the new Hulu app last night to watch the latest episode of Bones. I like it. They’ve fixed a number of my complaints with the app including the fact that it seemed before like you had to drill down through the menus too many times to get a show to play. Now you choose it from your queue, click it, and it plays.