‘The Wolverine’ Digs His Claws In — Box Office Report, July 29, 2013

‘The Wolverine’ Digs His Claws In — Box Office Report, July 29, 2013

The Wolverine sharpened his claws and dug right in this past weekend, and clawed his way right to the top. But not far behind him is the world’s greatest super-villain turned nice guy, Gru. Sandwiched in there is one I just don’t get, but I’m not a fan of horror so maybe I’m the wrong person to ask about The Conjuring.

#1 — The Wolverine

Budget: $120 Million
Totals: $55 Million Weekend Gross / $86 Million Foreign / $141.1 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 1

Perhaps a slightly week domestic opening compared to the budget, and compared to the first Wolverine film. But with the foreign total, the film has already been propelled over the budget total. Not bad considering how universally reviled the first Wolverine film was. People were probably hard to coax out to see a second film in the franchise (I never hated it so much, but it did have it’s flaws and disappointments).

I can say that this film was pretty fantastic and worth seeing. And I hope word of mouth can get a few more people out to see the film this coming weekend (although, you know, it will have to contend with Smurfs 2… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, right).

#2 — The Conjuring

Budget: $20 Million (Can’t fault them for overspending I guess)
Totals: $22.1 Million Weekend Gross / $83.8 Million Domestic / $12.1 Million Foreign / $95.9 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 2

Man, if there’s a film I don’t get doing so well, it’s this one.

#3 — Despicable Me 2

Budget: $76 Million
Totals: $16 Million Weekend Gross / $306.4 Million Domestic / $354.5 Million Foreign / $660.9 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 4

And hanging on for the fourth weekend in a row is the super-villain. While I liked the film well enough, it is frustrating to see it ahead of better films like RED 2 and Pacific RIM. Bleh.

#4 — Turbo

Budget: $76 Million
Totals: $13.3 Million Weekend Gross / $55.7 Million Domestic / $41.9 Million Foreign / $97.6 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 2

While with the foreign money flowing in, that’s a pretty significant boost over last weekend, I still can’t imagine that this makes Dreamworks very happy. I think they are facing animated family film fatigue at the Box Office. For my part, I think the film looks fairly terrible. But, it is on my list to see soon and talk about on the podcast, so I’ll be able to find out for sure soon.

#5 — Grown Ups 2

Budget: $80 Million
Totals: $11.5 Million Weekend Gross / $101.6 Million Domestic / $15.1 Million Foreign / $116.7 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 3

Ugh. Of all the films on the box office charts thus far, this one looks the worst to me by far. I have no intention of seeing and supporting such terrible cinema and I wish the rest of you would do the same.

#6 — RED 2

Budget: $84 Million
Totals: $9.4 Million Weekend Gross / $35 Million Domestic / $17.5 Million Foreign / $52.5 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 2

Why is it that the truly good films like this are fairing poorly. I despair for human kind when they choose films like The Conjuring over good films like this. I loved this film so much. It’s been a while since I had such a good time seeing a film at the theater and I heartily recommend you get out and help the box office totals on this one this coming weekend! The critics may be talking trash about this film, but they are stupid.

#7 — Pacific Rim

Budget: $190 Million
Totals: $7.5 Million Weekend Gross / $84 Million Domestic / $140 Million Foreign / $224 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 3

With the worldwide total the film can’t really be considered a complete flop at this point, but I’m fairly certain that the studio had a bit more of a blockbuster in mind. And it’s frustrating that the film was far better than I was expecting, and certainly far better than most stuff on the box office charts, and yet it’s struggling to make it.

#8 — The Heat

Budget: $43 Million
Totals: $6.8 Million Weekend Gross / $141.2 Million Domestic / $28.6 Million Foreign / $169.8 Million Worldwide
Week Number: 5

Hanging on to the number 8 spot! This one kind of snuck up on us. And it’s not like it’s a bad film or anything. Still, on a budget of $43 Million that’s quite the runaway success.

A couple other things worth noting:

R.I.P.D. is pretty much DOA. On a budget of $130 Million it has brought is a whopping $37 Million. Poor Jeff Bridges…

World War Z is down in the number 12 spot. It just can’t quite get to that $500 Million sweet spot. It’s currently at $473 Million worldwide.