‘Captain America 2’ Features “Significant Shift” in Marvel Universe

‘Captain America 2’ Features “Significant Shift” in Marvel Universe
Russ Fischer - /Film

Technically speaking, is this a sequel to Captain America or is this a sequel to The Avengers? The title suggests one thing, but the chronology suggests another.

Joe Russo: It’s a little bit of a sequel to both. I mean obviously the character has advanced. He’s been frozen for seventy years. It has narrative elements that tie to the first movie and it has narrative elements that tie directly to The Avengers and also has narrative elements that tie directly to Avengers 2. I think, and Kevin [Feige] has said this, it’s as big of a bridge of any of the Phase 2 movies from Avengers to Avengers 2. There’s a significant shift in the universe at the end of this movie. Like all of the Marvel movies it has elements of all of the other films, this one I think has probably the strongest bond between those goals.

Sounds exciting and I’m really looking forward to it. However, I’m concerned about this:

The movie was shot largely in a very verite style, which is unique for Marvel’s movies. They really embraced the approach to it, and it’s a very experimental approach. It’s a very grounding approach. There’s a strong edge to the film. It’s very visceral. It’s got a lot of action in it, but I think it’s definitely a movement, tonally, in a different direction. It’s just great to be able to add another color to the pastiche of these movies.

That worries me — a lot. I suppose it depends on what they mean exactly, but usually the “Cinéma Vérité” term is trotted out for what I would consider to be trendy and lazy filmmaking. Ugh, I sure hope not. I’ve really been happy with the stylistic choices in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point, I hope they don’t ruin it.

 It’s energetic, but we also like to track the action. We really want people to understand what’s going on from beat to beat.

The action sequences are coherent.

That makes me feel slightly better.

There’s much more in the linked article from Russ Fischer which you should click through and check out.