Cleft-Lip Charities Upset with ‘Lone Ranger’

Cleft-Lip Charities Upset with ‘Lone Ranger’
Hilary Lewis - The Hollywood Reporter

Organizations condemn the movie for using the facial feature to make a character appear more evil.

Disney’s The Lone Ranger is facing a fresh round of controversy over one of its characters, but this time, Johnny Depp‘s portrayal of a Native American isn’t the subject of the outrage.

Instead, charities are upset that WilliamFichtner‘s Butch Cavendish features a cleft lip, a prosthetic that may have been added in part to make him appear more sinister.


At the risk of sounding cruel and heartless, let me just say get over yourselves! No really, seriously, this is not about you!

Men, women, boys, and girls who have a congenital abnormality have my sincerest and deepest regrets but I will not bow to this sort of pressure, because, first of all, who’s to say a villain can’t have a cleft lip? What kind of an exclusive congenital defect club are these guys running.

Second, and a bigger point is that a younger version of Butch Cavendish is seen in the film, and he does not have a problem with his lip, which should lead us to believe he received an injury to his person that caused the lip issue, presumably while being evil. So the real point here is that some folks are just looking for an excuse to be offended, and frankly, that offends me! Stop making the world a worse place and make it a better place.