Joseph Kosinski and Tron 3 - Expanding Quora’s Story

Joseph Kosinski and Tron 3 - Expanding Quora’s Story
Sandy Schaefer -

Previously, Kosinski expressed his desire for TRON 3 to take the TRON property to the next level of creative expression – when he said that he wants it to be “our ‘Empire Strikes Back’” – and additionally mentioned that the film is going to pick up in real-time after the conclusion to Legacy. That might’ve seemed like a red flag to some people, as having TR3N take place some five to six years after Legacy could allow the film to skimp on addressing the questions and ideas raised by the previous film’s conclusion – and there are definitely some major implications to the ending of Legacy (which ought to be explored in the new TRON installment).

Fear not, though, as Kosinski has revealed – in a recent interview with ET – thatTRON 3 will tackle head-on the lingering questions and unresolved issues from the ending to Legacy:

“[TRON 3] – the TRON [Legacy] sequel – kind of takes where we left off in ‘Legacy’, that idea in the last few minutes of the film, and really expands on it in an exciting way.”

TRON 3 should, in particular, focus on Olivia Wilde as Quorra, for reasons that go beyond the fact that the character is (spoiler?) the last surviving member of the “Isomorphic Algorithms” or ISOs (i.e. the species naturally-generated by “The Grid” rather than produced by the world’s inventor Kevin Flynn). Indeed, the whole ISO concept would benefit from additional clarification, even before you take the final minutes from Legacy into consideration.

WANT! Cannot come soon enough. I loved Tron: Legacy so much I just want more from this universe. Tron may not have been great, But Tron: Legacy was amazing! The only thing I’m not so sure about though, is, as much as I loved Quorra and Sam Flynn, I really liked Jeff Bridges Kevin Flynn as well. and I’ve wondered before, is he really dead or would we see him again? Sounds like we’ll soon be finding out.