‘Turbo’ Wins Wednesday But Faces Animation Fatigue

‘Turbo’ Wins Wednesday But Faces Animation Fatigue
Pamela McClintock - The Hollywood Reporter

Another salvo in the 2013 summer animation wars was fired Wednesday as DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox’s Turbo opened at the midweek box office.

According to matinee returns, Turbo should gross in the $6 million range for the day, likely enough to top the Wednesday box office chart and edge out Despicable Me 2, Universal’s megahit.

Turbo is eyeing a five-day debut in the $35 million range, a solid but unspectacular start. Box office observers believe the 3D toon could suffer from animation fatigue, considering it opens only two weeks after Despicable 2 and four weeks after Disney and Pixar’s Monsters University.

I’m not surprised that it is projected to have an unspectacular opening weekend. It looks like an unspectacular film (BURN!).