DON’T MISS! All 8 ‘Harry Potter’ Films in HD for $10.00!!!


The price has jumped up to $60. I wondered… it surely seemed almost like a mistake. I guess it really was. I clicked purchase on mine 20 minutes before the price went up to $60. I’m going to be really upset if Apple actually charges me $60 and not $10. We’ll find out soon enough.

DON’T MISS! All 8 ‘Harry Potter’ Films in HD for $10.00!!!
Apple iTunes

Guys, this seems just a little bit crazy, but right now you can purchase all eight Harry Potter films in HD from the iTunes store for $10.00. No, I’m not kidding, this does not appear to be a joke. Since I only had them in Standard Definition on DVD, I purchased this bundle for $10.00 and it is legit. All eight films are now available in my iTunes account.

This is just too good to be true. I almost wonder if it’s some sort of glitch. In case it is, if you want it you better act now! I know I’ll be enjoying some Harry Potter HD goodness from the comfort of my Apple TV sometime soon!