Bourne Again — More Bourne without, you know, Bourne

Bourne Again — More Bourne without, you know, Bourne
Kevin Jagernauth - The Playlist

Get out the chems, and get ready to run as Jason Bourne Aaron Cross is getting ready to kick some more ass. While the side-quel/spin-off “The Bourne Legacy” did solid if not exactly spectacular business (it’s the lowest grosser in the franchise, but also did about the same numbers as Matt Damon‘s first time at bat in the series), it was enough forUniversal to start considering a fifth film. In fact, not long after it hit theaters the studio confirmed a sequel was in the works, and earlier this year it was said they were “actively working” on it. And today comes more firm word.

Deadline reports that Anthony Peckham has been hired to write the script, a pretty significant change in gears. As fans of the series know, Tony Gilroy has been involved since day one building the world of Jason Bourne as a writer, and then getting in the director’s chair for last year’s “The Bourne Legacy.”

I’m going to be sick. The Bourne Legacy was a terrible, awful film which I have no desire to ever see again. EVER. Why exactly would we want to make another one? I’ll be shocked if another one with Aaron Cross does well. I’m thinking people only went to theaters for the first Aaron Cross installment because of the previous 3 films. I don’t think they’ll make the same mistake again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeremy Renner, but everyone has their flops, and Bourne Legacy was his as far as I’m concerned.