‘Iron Man 3’ Deleted Scene and Gag Reel

‘Iron Man 3’ Deleted Scene and Gag Reel

Marvel, start your marketing engines! These two items are the first in what is sure to be a long line of teasers, gag reels, clips, deleted scenes and more from the upcoming Iron Man 3 home video release.

If you’re into all this cool stuff, you’ll probably want to snag your home video copy on September 24.


The first is a deleted scene featuring The Mandarin. It’s no wonder it was deleted, though not overt, I think it would have been enough to clue me in that something wasn’t quite right in terms of him as a villian, which would have spoiled the surprise a bit.

And then this one is just some funny moments from the gag reel, always fun to watch, especially when a character like Robert Downey Jr. is invovled.