Mission: Accepted - Christopher McQuarrie to Direct ‘MI:5’

Mission: Accepted - Christopher McQuarrie to Direct ‘MI:5’
Kevin Jagernauth - The Playlist

Even though he’s been playing it cagey and cool, this news is hardly shocking. As far back as last fall, prior to the release of “Jack Reacher,” Christopher McQuarrie was expected to write and direct “Mission: Impossible 5” for his bud Tom Cruise. Even earlier this year he was undecided on directing and attached himself to some other projects along the way, including Warner Bros. long developing remake of “Ice Station Zebra” and a U.S. adaptation of the U.K. miniseries, “Unforgiven.” But it looks like he’s accepting the mission.

The writer/director hit Twitter to day to reveal simply: “Mission: Accepted” and barring it being code for something wildly different it’s probably safe to assume he’s now confirmed to helm “Mission: Impossible 5.”

That sounds fine to me. Ghost Protocol was nothing spectacular but it was fine. I know I’m not hanging with popular opinion on this one, but I actually didn’t care for J.J. Abrams’ MI:3 all that much. Ghost Protocol was certainly a better film. That said, none has come close to the first one yet.

Who knows though, maybe McQuarrie has something to offer us here.