RUMOR: John M. Chu to Direct Next ‘Star Trek’ Film?

RUMOR: John M. Chu to Direct Next ‘Star Trek’ Film?
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The dudes over at Latino Review are reporting that Jon M. Chu, the man behind “G.I. Retaliation,” is a “contender” to direct the third installment in the “Star Trek” films for a 2016 release. This is all well and good, except for the fact that he’s committed right now to some other big franchises. Most notably, it was just under a couple of months ago that Paramount tagged him to helm “G.I. Joe 3”— which we presume is a series they don’t want sitting around too long— while he’s also got “Masters Of The Universe” brewing at Sony. So we’d reckon he’s a guy they like a lot at the moment, though figuring out if he can fit in or even if he’s interested remains to be seen.




Retaliation was TERRIBLE. I don’t want him anywhere NEAR my beloved Star Trek. I think I’m going to be ill…