Gravity’s Orbit Decays Very Little - Box Office Report

Gravity’s Orbit Decays Very Little - Box Office Report

Wow, for the third week in a row, and bringing in with it’s third week more than many have made at the top in their first week I might add. It’s pretty incredible, but not surprising seeing what a great film it is indeed.

#1 - Gravity

Budget: $100 Million
Totals: $30 Million, Weekend / $169.5 Million, Domestic / $114.2 Million, Foreign / $283.7 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 3

I am neither surprised nor upset by this runaway success. After such a huge slump of mediocre to bad movies at the box office for weeks on end, the best movie to yet hit the screens this year was sure to have some staying power.

#2 — Captain Phillips

Budget: $55 Million
Totals: $16.4 Million, Weekend / $52.4 Million, Domestic / $9.1 Million, Foreign / $61.5 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 2

And the second best film in theaters right this very moment maintaining its number 2 spot. I do wish that Captain Phillips didn’t have to compete with Gravity for, while Gravity is certainly the better film, Captain Phillips is also very good — perhaps the second best film we’ve seen this year.

#3 — Carrie

Budget: $30 Million
Totals: $16.1 Million, Weekend and current total
Weekend: 1

It is a little surprising to me that this film beat The Fifth Estate, but oh well. I hear it’s decent enough. It sure doesn’t seem like my sort of film though.

#4 — Escape Plan

Budget: N/A
Totals: $9.9 Million, Weekend / $14.1 Million, Foreign / $24 Million, Worldwide

I’ve heard from a friend that this film is as disappointing as it’s box office debut. It’s hard to say how much money they spent making it, but I imagined that Stalone and Schwarzenegger in the same film together would provide more of a draw than it did. I was wrong.

I’d still like to see the film and judge for myself.

#5 — Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Budget: $78 Million
Totals: $9.6 Million, Weekend / $92.7 Million, Domestic / $31.1 Million, Foreign / $123.8 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 4

Still hanging on…

I did just notice something interesting about this film though. Really more of an interesting trivia tidbit than anything. John Francis Daley was one of the screen writers. He’s a regular on Bones.

#6 — Prisoners

Budget: $46 Million
Totals: $2 Million, Weekend / $57.2 Million, Domestic / $34.3 Million, Foreign / $91.5 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 5

Still in the sixth slot. And a great film. If you haven’t seen it yet, go do so.

#7 — Enough Said

Budget: N/A
Totals: $1.7 Million, Weekend and Current Total
Weekend: 5 (limited, 1st, wide weekend)

So I don’t know a lot about this film, but it is apparently one of the last two films that James Gandolfini was in before he passed away. That probably has a little bit of draw to it.

#8 — The Fifth Estate

Budget: $28 Million
Totals: $1.7 Million, Weekend / $1.6 Million, Foreign / $3.3 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 1

I have to say I thought this film would have a little bit more appeal and open a little better. It makes me sad that people are not interested in this issue. On the other hand, the film didn’t knock my socks off. It spent far too much time trying to be hip and cool rather than dealing with real issues — oh it did finally get around to dealing with some issues, and the film definitely has an opinion as to Julian Assange and his organization. Let’s just say that in some ways, Assange’s rant against the film and against Cumberbatch is justified. I did however feel that, on that note, the film feels pretty fair. I’m hoping to get around to writing a review for this film soon. And I’ll certainly have more to say on The MovieByte Podcast, so look for that episode later this week.