‘Cars 3’ Is In the Works

‘Cars 3’ Is In the Works
Angie Han - /Film

Michael Wallis, a historical consultant and voice actor who’s worked on the two previous Cars films, has revealed that a third Cars is in the works. It’s unclear just how far along the project is at this point, but it’s far enough that he already has some plot details. Hit the jump to see what Wallis had to say.

Wallis let the details slip during a radio interview with WGBZ in Alton, IL. “Cars 3 we’re coming back to the road. And we’re coming back to 66 into 99,” he said. “That’s the road that runs right through Central California.” (He also admitted that he “didn’t particularly care for” Cars 2, if you were curious.)

Okay, here’ the deal: as long as Pixar delivers a good film, I’ll be fine with a sequel. But Cars 2 wasn’t anything special. I didn’t hate it as much as most, but it was a wee bit bland.

But what I really want to know is WHERE IS THE INCREDIBLES SEQUEL ALREADY??!??!?!!? Of all the Pixar films that deserve a sequel, that is the one!