The Psychology of Your Cinema Seat

The Psychology of Your Cinema Seat

WHEN you pick a seat at the movies, you’re broadcasting your personality type to the world.

That’s the conclusion of Japanese psychologist Hiromi Mizuki, who has broken down the average cinema into six seating sections and outlined a personality type for each, The Daily Mail reports.

Her thoughts are below, along with a few of our own cutting, less scientific insights. What does your cinema seat say about you?

1. Well-centred

Ms Mizuki: If you sit in the middle of the theatre, directly in front of the screen, it means you’re confident and decisive. You’re either absurdly organised, having booked your seats three days in advance, or you see strange hipster movies in empty cinemas where you can literally pick any spot.

Yeah… I don’t know if I’m buying any of the psychology business about this and you’ll have to click on through to read. But being the type of person who loves to be pretty much dead center… my reasoning has much more to do with it being the best seat in the house. I wind up dead center usually because I feel that the front to back distance from the screen is perfect and because the less of an angle I can get on the screen the better. Some theaters I might be slightly further back than dead center. I do this thing where I stop walking, look at the screen and judge my distance. If I like what I see, I enter the row, if I’m too close, I continue, if I’m too far, I go back a little. It usually winds up being dead center.

So, what does the psychology of that tell you about me?