‘Life of Pi’ Cinematographer To Shoot ‘Star Trek’ — Film to Be Shot Digitally

‘Life of Pi’ Cinematographer To Shoot ‘Star Trek’ — Film to Be Shot Digitally
Anthony Pascale — TrekMovie.com

Now sources have confirmed with Trekmovie that director Roberto Orci and his fellow Star Trek producers have picked Claudio Miranda to be the Director of Photography. Miranda won an Academy Award for his work on Life of Pi in 2012. He also picked up a BAFTA, a Critics Choice Award and a number of local critics awards for Life of Pi. Miranda also has an additional Academy Award nomination for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, along with a number of other award nominations, including two from the American Society of Cinematographers.

Star Trek will not be Miranda’s first time in genre films as he was the DP on TRON: Legacy in 2010, Oblivion in 2013


TrekMovie has also learned that Miranda and Orci are planning on shooting the new Star Trek film digitally. JJ Abrams shot both of his Trek films on film, but shooting on film is becoming rarer these days. In 2013 only three of the top ten grossing live-action movies were shot on film (one of which was Into Darkness). And so far in 2014 only two of the top ten were shot on film.

Sucks about going digital, but a film shot on actual film is a dying breed. I’m sure that won’t be the end of the world. And I really liked the cinematography in both Tron: Legacy, and Oblivion so I’m digging the choice of cinematographer.