Michael Dorn Talks ‘Captain Worf’ Series

Michael Dorn Talks ‘Captain Worf’ Series
Ronan O’Flaherty — TrekMovie.com

TrekMovie: Regarding the proposed ‘Captain Worf’ TV series, is there any update on that? Has there been any progress?

Michael Dorn: We have a script. We have idea. We have all the framework. But we are waiting for Paramount to say yes or no. Not in terms of doing it, but in terms of having to shoot something. Because if they say “no, you can’t do it” there is no need to keep going…So we are asking them, can we do this? Can we make money? Can we sell it as a pilot? And if they say “no, forget it,” then it’s over.

Yes, please! Who can I talk to over at paramount to make this happen. Look, honestly, while I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness, what I always really wanted was to see the (what we now call prime) universe carry on with more new stories, more people, more places, more settings. The world of Star Trek is such a big place and there’s so much room in it and so much unexplored. And I’ve always loved Worf.

Of course, they did kind of mess up the Worf/Troi relationship in the films by ignoring everything that was being set up at the end of the series and putting Troi with Riker. That always irritated me a bit, but I think this could still be really good.

TrekMovie: In terms of cast, any ideas who you would like in it?

Michael Dorn: There are a couple of ideas but they are all just talk right now. We don’t want to do too much casting right now. We want to bring some of the Next Generation people back. Definitely Marina [Sirtis], LeVar [Burton]. We have an idea for Patrick [Stewart] in the pilot episode. But it kind of depends. Because the thing is that the show can stand on its own without trying to bring everybody back and so I only want to do it if it means something to the story. For the new characters we are going to go with people that are kind of known in the science fiction world. Not for Star Trek, but kind of known.

An send off and occasional appearance from the Next Gen cast and even the DS9 and Voyager casts would be great. I really want this to happen. It’s been so long since we’ve had good Star Trek on the TV screen. Enterprise certainly got better in the 3rd and 4th seasons, but it was never as good as the Trek before it.