“Quote from Satan” on Latest ‘Left Behind’ Poster

“Quote from Satan” on Latest ‘Left Behind’ Poster
Jonathon Dornbush — Entertainment Weekly

From what’s been revealed thus far, Left Behind appears to have two key qualities of a classic Nicolas Cage film: All the dialogue is either whispered or screamed, and everything in the movie is on fire. But in case that wasn’t enough to attract audiences, the film’s promotional campaign has enlisted the help of the prince of evil whose entire world is on fire — Satan.

Opening this Friday, Oct. 3, Left Behind tells the story of the biblical Rapture, in which millions of people have disappeared. Remaining groups of survivors attempt to recover from the ensuing chaos, including a pilot played by Cage, who is searching for his daughter.

In a poster debuted on the film’s Facebook page and seen above, Satan is quoted (it must have been a hell of a trip to get that interview) as saying “Please do not bring unbelievers to this movie.”

Shameful. If anyone ever wonders why I don’t like Christian movies or Christian themed films, this might be one good reason. Shame marketing. This is not the first time the marketing for the new Left Behind remake has used shame marketing, and it’s not even the most egregious. But none-the-less its despicable. Not to mention, there’s no way in this world I would take unbelievers to see this film so they could see what a laughing stock we often make of ourselves. What ridiculousness.

Here’s the poster. It’s awful.

And if you want to weep for the general state of theology in this nation, just go to the posting on Facebook and read through some of the comments.