What to see: Weekend of Jan 4, 2013

What to see: Weekend of Jan 4, 2013

What should you see this weekend? I’m glad you asked because I have a list for you.

New Films

Texas Chainsaw
Please do not see this film. DO NOT!

A Dark Truth
At this time, I know pretty much nothing about this film.

Still In Theaters

The Impossible
We’ll be talking about this film in two weeks on the upcoming Episode 27 of The MovieByte Podcast. I am at least somewhat interested in this film. You should see it before we talk about it on the podcast to avoid spoilers.

Promised Land
We will also be talking about this one on an upcoming episode of the Podcast, but I have not yet seen it. It definitely looks interesting. And for those of us who pretty much only know Matt Damon for the Bourne series, this should be a nice change of pace.

Django Unchained
We will be talking about this one on next week’s podcast so get out and see it to be prepared to talk about it. But to be forewarned, it is a dark, bloody, and violent film.

Les Misérables
You should see this film! Though it is not a kids film, it deals with adult themes, is somewhat violent at times, and involves a scene of prostitution. But in my opinion, these things are presented in the way they should be, in a way that speaks truth about the heinousness of these deplorable acts.

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Jack Reacher
Fun film and worth seeing. Though Joseph’s review is, in my opinion, just a bit overly harsh, it’s worth reading.

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The Hobbit
You should definitely see this film. It’s a lot of fun, it’s epic, it’s well made, it’s a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. How many more reasons do you need?

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