Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters — Review

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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hey look, it’s another “Renner has a Boom Stick” film.

This one is a twist on a familiar fairytale, but for the most part you won’t recognize it. At first you might recognize elements of the original fairytale, with a few minor differences. But that’s just used as a backstory for the real tale of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

While this story is squarely placed in the magical world of fantasy, it bears little resemblance to recent, highly rated fantasy films such as popular Marvel titles ThorCaptain AmericaThe Avengers and the like. Or perhaps a more apt comparison would be to…

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The Words — Review

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The Words

Rory Jansen (played by Bradley Cooper) is a writer who has it all: a loving wife (played by Zoe Saldana), critical acclaim by the bucket-loads, and a best-selling novel.

Problem is, he didn’t write it.

Now, in the aftermath of his success, the young author’s theft returns to haunt him. Secrets he thought were safe come to light. “There’s more than one way to take a life,” we’re told, and the truth of that statement hits Rory like a freight train. His sin has found him out.

An Underwhelming Acheivement

If you’re intrigued by this story, I don’t blame you. It intrigued me, too. The…

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The Last Stand — Review

1.5 of 5 stars
The Last Stand

There’s nothing especially awesome here to scream about, but for what it’s worth, The Last Stand carries on a mild amount of amusement for undemanding Schwarzenegger fans.

People that watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies probably don’t bother to read movie reviews. That said, I’ve watched several films of Arnold’s, and here I am reading and writing reviews all the time. With that in mind, I’ll imagine that Arnold’s fans are the good folks reading this review, and I’ll let them know how this film compares to his others.

First, note that Arnold is getting up in years, and The Last Stand

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Broken City — Review

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Broken City

Broken City’s thinly sketched, formulaic script offers meager rewards for all but the least demanding noir aficionados.—RT

Have you ever wanted to watch a modern detective story set in New York starring some great actors? So have I, but Broken City isn’t that film we dream of. I went into the movie theater hopeful, and came away yawning, and asking myself, “Why? What were they thinking?”

Broken City is based on a spec script and is the directorial debut for Allen Hughes by an untested production company.1 With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Broken City doesn’t meet the mark.


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Gangster Squad — Review

3.5 of 5 stars
Gangster Squad

“I’m not an educated man, but I have wits in history. Every kingdom comes of blood, every castle’s built on a pile of bones. When I came out here, L.A. was nothin’. Back east I was a gangster… out here, I’m god.”

Gangster Squad is the best film I’ve seen this year. Of course, the year is young so that’s not saying a lot. Still, it’s a fine film in my book.

There are those who would disagree with me. In fact, as of right now on Rotten Tomatoes, the Tomatometer is at a measly 33%. And only 66% from the audience. That’s not exactly killing it.

Roger Ebert was not overly fond of the…

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New York Times’ A. O. Scott Reviews ‘Gangster Squad’

New York Times’ A. O. Scott Reviews ‘Gangster Squad’
The New York Times

“Gangster Squad” is less a movie than a costume party run amok. Set in a late-’40s Los Angeles painted in cartoon colors rather than noir shadows, it is a hectic jumble of fedoras and zoot suits, stockings and cigarettes, and red femme-fatale dresses. The accessories of choice are guns of various calibers and styles, deployed to drown out — or perhaps to emphasize — knucklehead dialogue and inept storytelling.

This is post one of two on this subject. This is the review, and I have another linked list item coming up about this review.

And yeah, the entire review reads pretty much like…

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Promised Land — Review

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Promised Land

The earnest and well-intentioned Promised Land sports a likable cast, but it also suffers from oversimplified characterizations and a frustrating final act.RT

Boy, you said it, Rotten Tomatoes.

Matt Damon and John Krasinski are the reasons why anyone went to see the movie, let’s be honest. From the get-go, Promised Land looked like a town hall meeting turned into a movie. It’s a hard sell to audiences, but one that Hollywood couldn’t resist attempting.

As we all know, politics is something people in Hollywood feel strongly about. Director Gus Van Sant is no exception. Promised…

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Coriolanus — Review

5 of 5 stars

Riots. Famine. War. Politics. Scandal. And Shakespeare.

Ralph Fiennes works both sides of the camera in a stunning directorial debut that reimagines one of the Bard’s lesser known works in a 21st century setting. Coriolanus is the answer to those who wonder if Shakespeare still matters.

A Remarkable Reimagining

Fiennes stars as Caius Martius “Coriolanus”, a proud and illustrious Roman general suddenly pitted against his own people. Rebelling against the schemes of his manipulative mother, Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave), and banished by the republic he has protected at all costs,…

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Hitchcock — Review

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Though it suffers from tonal inconsistency and a lack of insightful retrospection, Hitchcock is elevated by nigh-to-inspired performances from its distinguished cast.

Hitchcock is unique to me because it was the first film in theaters that TJ and I saw together. 1 Hardly what we would’ve picked for the occasion, it surprised us both to be more-or-less an entertaining portrayal of Hitchcock’s life and times during the production of the classic horror film Psycho. Since I know a lot of Hitchcock films by heart, and TJ hadn’t taken the time to watch any besides the original Psycho, this…

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Les Misérables (2012) — Review

4 of 5 stars

For a film such as this, I felt it necessary to bring in a female perspective. While I enjoyed this film for what it was, I felt inadequate to really talk about and review this film. My wife, being a lover of classical literature, stage plays, and such like things, seemed like a good fit to review this film.



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Les Misérables (2012)

When I first found out that Les Miserables The Musical was coming to the big screen, I was overcome with excitement. Ever since I saw the musical on stage around 12 years ago I have absolutely loved it. It has definitely been the best adaptation of the book that I have seen. Already being familiar with the musical, I was greatly anticipating the movie as I felt they would do it justice. And I must say that it lived up to my expectations. I greatly enjoyed it and felt that it both was true to the book by Victor Hugo and the stage musical.

Because this is a movie version of a musical, this…

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